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Barbeque Chicken Sandwich

INR 195.00

For our flavourful Barbeque Chicken Sandwich, diced pieces of roasted chicken breast are tossed in our homemade smoky, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Topped with crunchy bell pepper and onion juliennes, this filling is then sandwiched between slices our multigrain bread, making for a healthy and wholesome snack or mini-meal.


Consumption & Storage Guidelines -
• Consume on the day of purchase.
• Keep refrigerated until 10 minutes before consumption.
• Can be enjoyed cold or grilled.
• Please do not microwave.


Type Non-Veg
Gms/Units 250g


Multigrain Bread, roasted chicken, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, spinach, onions, bellpeppers.
Allergens: Gluten, mustard, soya