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Chargrilled Pepper Sandwich

INR 180.00
For our Chargrilled Pepper Sandwich, layers of a homemade yoghurt spread, chargrilled bell peppers, caramalized onions, balsamic glaze and cheese are sandwiched between slices of our signature marble bread. It's a unique combination of our multigrain and white bread, making this a wholesome snack for all vegetarians.


Consumption & Storage Guidelines -
• Consume on the day of purchase.
• Keep refrigerated until 10 minutes before consumption.
• Can be enjoyed cold or grilled.
• Please do not microwave.


Type Veg
Gms/Units 250g


Marble bread, char grilled peppers, yoghurt spread, caramelized onions, rocket leaves, balsamic glaze, procedded cheese.
Allergens: Gluten, Dairy, Soy