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Mini Brownies Gift Box (6 Pc)

Rs. 375


Our Mini Brownies Gift Box is an assortment of bite-sized brownies in our favourite flavours with festive garnishes -
1. Chocolate chip mini brownie - Layered with dark chocolate truffle and topped with a fondant Christmas stocking
2. Nutella mini brownie - Hazelnut praline brownie layered with nutella, topped with a fondant and white chocolate gift wrap garnish
3. Chocolate & Walnut mini brownie - With caramel swirl and a snowflake garnish
4. Cookie mini brownie - Layered with chocolate truffle and a fondant reindeer motif
5. Chocolate & Orange mini brownie - Layered with orange truffle and topped with a fondant candy cane
6. Rum & Raisin mini brownie- Layered with apricot jam and topped with a fondant Santa

Consumption & Storage Guidelines -

• Store at room temperature.
• Consume within 7 days from date of manufacture.


Type Eggless
Weight/Units 120g


Flour, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Dark Chocolate, White chocolate, Cream, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Orange marmalade, Rum Flavour, Raisins, Apricot Jam, condensed milk, nutella

Allergens: Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Soy