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Top 5 sinful chocolate cakes

Chocolate is a universal comfort food and a slice of chocolate cakes is the ultimate pick-me-up. It was sometime in the 1880s that American bakers began adding chocolate to their cake batter and since then, there has been no looking back for the chocolate cake. It is easily one of the most popular bakery items today, as no celebration is complete without it. It’s the cake that welcomes new recruits and bids adieu to retirees; it marks birthdays, anniversaries and promotions. Every occasion becomes a little more special and memorable when you mark it with good-quality chocolate cake. And then, there are times when you don’t need a reason to enjoy chocolate cake, so you get one just because you’re craving it. Over the years, several renditions of decadent chocolate cakes have been created, and chocolate lovers have a hard time picking a favourite. Here is a list of some of the best chocolate cakes you can dig into right now to silence (though not forever) those chocolate cravings.

Dutch Truffle Cake

Chocolate truffles are lumps (or balls) of hardened chocolate ganache that are coated with cocoa powder, nuts, or even sugar. They derive their name from a rare and expensive lump-shaped mushroom found in France and Italy, known as Truffle. Dutch chocolate truffle cakes are a variant of chocolate truffles as they too contain dark chocolate ganache. These cakes have a delectable bittersweet taste and rich texture.
The Dutch Chocolate Truffle Cake is considered one of the best chocolate cakes on Theobroma’s catalogue and is available in egg and eggless options. This cake is usually covered with rice crisps to diversify texture and enhance its appearance.

Praline Chocolate Cake

Praline is used to make some of the best chocolate cakes. Praline is made by boiling either almonds or hazelnuts in sugar syrup in a pan over medium to high heat. The mixture is continuously stirred until the fluid evaporates. The dense fudge-like liquid is poured onto wax paper or aluminum sheets and allowed to cool. It is then ground up to form praline which is used to add a nutty flavour to chocolate cakes.
Though Praline in itself is much-loved, a cake that is made from chocolate praline mousse and coated with freshly toasted hazelnuts is simply divine. The Hazelnut Praline Mousse cake at Theobroma is one of our top chocolate cakes. It comes with a hazelnut chocolate glaze on top for an added nutty flavour and a sprinkling of toasted hazelnuts for extra texture.

Triple chocolate cake

Out of all decadent chocolate cakes available, triple chocolate cakes are the best to taste as well as look at. And that’s because, like the name suggests, this cake contains all three types of chocolate – white, milk and dark. This chocolate gradient creates a beautiful transition from dark to light or vice versa. Some cakes create this gradient by using different coloured chocolate sponges. At Theobroma, our Chocoholic Cake creates the light-to-dark transition with three types of chocolate mousse – white, milk and dark. Every bite of this sponge-based cake reveals the distinct flavours of all three types of chocolate mousse. This elegant-looking cake is truly a feast for the taste buds, and also the eyes!

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate mousse is originally a traditional French delicacy and used to be called ‘mayonnaise de chocolate. It was invented by world-renowned French painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec whose skill set included not just post-Impressionist artworks, but also the crafting of culinary marvels, many of which became his signature dishes.
Chocolate mousse is made using a chocolate base along with light ingredients like whipped cream, whipped egg whites, fruit puree or meringue. This soft, airy and fluffy foam is highly versatile and can be piped between two or more layers of sponges to form the classic chocolate mousse cake.
Chocolate mousse is used as the prime ingredient in the Opium cake at Theobroma, making it one of our most exquisite creations. The cake is made of a dark chocolate sponge along with thick and creamy chocolate mousse. This cake is also one of the most popular chocolate cakes at Theobroma because of the soft texture of its mousse base. However, the highlights of this cake are the dark chocolate curls on its surface as well as the white and dark chocolate plaques that encase it.

Chocolate Sponge Cake

Sponge cake has a history that dates back to the Italian Renaissance. During the 15th to 16th centuries, English and French bakers began experimenting with a baked dish known as ‘biscuit’. This ‘biscuit’ was in fact, what we know today as sponge cake.
Traditionally, the sponge cake was made with only eggs, flour, and sugar, but later on, cocoa powder was added to this mix, which resulted in the well-known chocolate sponge cake.
While chocolate was introduced in France sometime in the 17th century, it was not until the 19th century that a Dutch chemist developed a way to make cocoa powder out of it. Following this discovery, cocoa powder became popular in its several uses and the chocolate sponge cake came into being. The chocolate sponge cake is also made with pure melted chocolate in place of cocoa powder, and this results in a much richer taste.
The Theos Dense Loaf is a variation of the traditional chocolate sponge cake because it is made with pure melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder. It is also available in an eggless variant so that this classic baked delight can be enjoyed by vegetarians as well.
You can now order these decadent chocolate cakes from the comfort of your home. Simply order your favourite cake online at Theobroma, and we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. Bite into our rich chocolate cakes, made of pure chocolate, and watch your bad mood and day dissipate!