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Top Cake Flavours for Birthdays & Anniversaries

Note: ‘Best cake flavours for birthday’ has been written as ‘best cake flavours for birthdays’.
A time-honoured birthday ritual is cutting cake – a simple act that makes you instantly feel special and loved. The same holds true for anniversaries too. Since cake is the star dish of the moment, and likely to be shared among everyone present, it’s important to pick a cake that tastes as great as it looks. Let’s take a look at some of the best cake flavours for birthdays and anniversaries.


Its popularity and rich, delectable flavour make chocolate cake one of the best cake flavours for birthdays and celebrations. However, it’s important to select a cake that’s made of good-quality chocolate. At Theobroma, all our chocolate cakes are made of pure chocolate and that’s why they are so decadent. Our chocoholic cake, which consists of three layers of white, milk and dark chocolate mousse, is a hot favourite. Our hazelnut praline mousse cake and opium cake are just as well-loved.


This cake flavour is ideal for people who prefer lighter cakes with fruity flavours. And when it comes to fruit cakes, pineapple cakes are a hot favourite. Theobroma’s very own version of this cake – our fresh cream pineapple cake - combines vanilla sponge with fresh dairy cream and our homemade pineapple compote. This moist tropical cake is then garnished with slivers of almonds along its sides.


This rich, creamy cake has a cheesy flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. The best way to serve this cake is cold, with or without slices of fresh fruit or some fruit compote. Theobroma’s New York style baked cheesecake has a flavourful buttery biscuit base and is topped with a homemade meringue that’s toasted to perfection.

Red velvet

A red velvet cake looks grand and tastes great, making it a fitting dessert for special occasions. Theobroma’s red velvet cake is made by layering a cocoa and buttermilk sponge cake with cream cheese frosting. A dash of lime juice is added to the frosting to lend it a hint of tartness that perfectly balances the sweetness of the cake.

Dutch Truffle

This is a type of chocolate cake, but what sets it apart is the rich chocolate truffle ganache layered inside. Theo’s Dutch truffle cake is made by layering chocolate sponge with a heavenly chocolate truffle ganache that’s made of pure chocolate. With every bite, you’re treated to the delicious bitter-sweet notes of dark chocolate.
Shop your favourite cake flavours online at Theobroma and get your cake home-delivered in minutes. You can even shop for an eggless version of your favourite cake or customise it if you please!