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How to Celebrate Christmas in New and Exciting Ways

Christmas is a special time for families all around the world, as they come together to spend quality time, and, of course, gift each other presents! But you don’t have to stick to the same old ways to celebrate Christmas – this is the year to incorporate unique ways to celebrate Christmas into your annual traditions to make this festive period jollier. Here are some exciting ways to spruce up your Christmas celebration this year.

Ugly Christmas sweater party

There are many fun and light-hearted ways to celebrate Christmas out there, but this one is quirkier than others. We all have at least one questionable sweater in our closets, typically handed down by a parent or sibling, or even sewn by an older relative. Give those sweaters a day to shine this festive season and throw an ugly Christmas sweater party for your family and friends. Lean into the theme and go all out with the décor too, adding the most over-the-top Christmas decorations and trinkets you can find. Don’t forget to adorn your Christmas tree with more than the traditional ornaments and go for more fun options like wooden or fabric hanging décor.

An ugly sweater party is a great opportunity for Christmas-themed food and drinks as well. Lucky for you, Theobroma has a whole range of delectable Christmas products that will be the perfect fit for your Christmas celebration! Create an exciting spread for your party with our ginger cookies, assorted jujubes, and of course our incredible Christmas cake. Made using a traditional recipe with macerated fruits, dates, prunes, orange peel, and seasonal spices, this cake is a delight for a Christmas lover’s senses.

A day of giving back

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas that allow you to give back to your community. You can experience the Christmas spirit not just by spending it with your loved ones, but also by putting a smile on others’ faces. One way you can do this is by visiting an orphanage, a government school, or an NGO to spread the holiday cheer to the underprivileged. You can volunteer your time or donate toys and clothes to your community. You can hand out a delicious home-cooked meal to people in need, or even visit an animal shelter and hand out pet food and toys there.

Among the other ways to celebrate Christmas while giving back is by throwing a Christmas party for your community. Some exciting and fun festive music, Theobroma’s delicious Christmas treats to munch on, and a whole lot of festive décor and smiles – that’s how to celebrate Christmas in style while still making a difference. Don’t forget to stock your party with festive food that will leave you want more, much like Theobroma’s classic Stollen or our Christmas tarts.

A Christmas celebration with edible gifts

Want to know how to celebrate Christmas without breaking the bank on expensive luxurious gifts? Do you want a Christmas celebration where you don’t have to worry whether your loved ones will like the gifts you get them? Switch up your gifting tradition this year and have a Christmas celebration with no material gifts, but only edible gifts. The gift of food is fool proof – it never goes unappreciated or wasted!

Theobroma offers a delicious range of Christmas themed gift boxes that would be perfect for an edible gift swap. You have so many options at your disposal, such as our Brownie Gift Box, Marzipan Gift Box, Chocolate Pralines Gift Box, or Petit Four Gift Box. Each box is filled to the brim with yummy festive themed treats that will make Christmas feel extra warm and special. In case you have dietary restrictions, you can find eggless options in our gift boxes as well. Walk into a Theobroma near you or shop our website and have our Christmas goodies delivered right to your doorstep. Our website also makes it super easy for you to have your edible gifts delivered to your loved ones living in select cities around India.

Christmas movie marathon

There are so many ways to celebrate Christmas that are unique and add an extra dose of fun to your festivities. When it’s cold outside and all you want to do is stay in, why not invite your friends and family to stay in with you? Nothing screams bonding like a movie marathon, only you can have a Christmas themed one on December 25! With the spate of Christmas movies that release non-stop during this time of year, a Christmas movie marathon will be an easy way to change up your annual festivities. Pull out your comfiest blankets, pillows, and pyjamas, and settle in with your loved ones to catch up on all the new festive holiday-themed movies available online.

But of course, no Christmas movie marathon is complete without Christmas snacks to match! It’s a good idea to serve traditional movie theatre snacks such as popcorn and soda, but also add some festive delights to your menu. Theobroma’s Christmas specials comprise everything you might need to feed your guests. Check out our Chocolate Orange Stollen, a traditional German Christmas bread with notes of dark chocolate, candied citrus peels, nuts, spices, and our homemade almond marzipan. It’s the perfect sweet treat to enjoy with a warm drink and a heart-warming festive film.

We hope this list helped you discover some new ways to celebrate Christmas this year with your friends and family. It’s never too late to start your own unique festive traditions, and this year is perfect to add a dash of whimsy and excitement to your Christmas.