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Cakes for Christmas

Experience the true essence of Christmas with our festive menu, where we believe the holiday season is incomplete without two essentials – a beautifully adorned Christmas Tree and the delectable presence of Christmas cake. Introducing our special Christmas menu featuring an array of unique cakes and desserts. Indulge in the convenience of ordering our cakes online and treat yourself to some of the most irresistibly soft and moist Christmas cakes you've ever tasted! Explore the joy of the season through the delightful offerings from our festive collection:

Keep it classic with our Christmas Cake

Select your ideal size for festive joy: our Christmas Cake comes in a convenient 350 grams or a generous 750 grams for those seeking more. Opt for inclusivity with our eggless versions, available in both sizes. Enjoy the timeless charm of a traditional Christmas fruit cake, expertly made with macerated fruits, dates, prunes, orange peel, almonds, seasonal spices, and an exquisite fruit flavor. 

Our Stollen will steal the show

This traditional German bread is a seasonal favourite at Theobroma because it is absolutely delectable while having a deeper meaning. The log shape of the Stollen and the snow sugar on top of it represent Baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. Meanwhile, the sweet spices in this dish — dried fruits, candied citrus peel, nuts — represent the warm cheer of Christmas season.

You can opt for our classic Stollen, or try the dark chocolate and candied orange flavour as well.

Switch it up with Christmas Tarts

For those keen on indulging in a diverse array of Christmas cakes, our festive tart assortment offers a delightful experience. Dive into the enticing flavors of our Minced Fruit Pie, featuring a crisp short crust tart filled with a delightful mix of dry fruits, candied orange peels, almond frangipane, and Christmas spices. Explore the rich taste of our Ginger Honey Nut Tart, where a short crust tart shell is generously filled with a harmonious blend of walnuts, ginger, and honey. Additionally, savor the exquisite Linzer Torte—a luscious shortcake crafted with almond flour, layered with raspberry preserve, and adorned with an intricate lattice design. 

A Yule Log for good luck

A Yule Log was something families would bring home and burn on Christmas Eve to bring luck and prosperity into their lives. The tradition inspired the creation of a Yule Log cake, which is served on Christmas. Our Yule Log is a modern version of this classic Christmas dessert. It is made with chocolate mousse and is layered with mixed berry compote and strawberry jelly.

Infuse sweetness into your Christmas celebrations with our delicious Christmas Cakes. Order cakes online from our Christmas menu and have your cake home-delivered in minutes!