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5 Delectable Valentine’s Day Desserts

Valentine’s Day is all about showing and receiving love, now whether that’s with a partner, pet or even yourself is totally up to you! Either way, we’re here to make this special day a whole lot sweeter. Treat yourself or your partner to Theobroma’s Valentine’s Day desserts and take the celebrations up a notch. Here is a list of our delectable offerings, crafted with a lot of love for this day of love:

Valentine’s special brownie

Our brownies are absolutely irresistible and perfect to turn up the charm. This gooey chocolate chip brownie is layered with decadent dark chocolate ganache and topped with tiny sugar confetti hearts. Talk about serving your heart on a platter!

Valentine’s special chocolate & berry cake

Nothing says celebration like cake and our chocolate and berry cake will add festive flair to your romantic meal. It features chocolate mousse layered with raspberry and strawberry jelly, sandwiched between two layers of moist chocolate sponge. For added sweetness, the cake is covered with decadent dark chocolate ganache and decorated with sugar confetti hearts.

Valentine’s special cupcakes

Cupcakes make for great Valentine’s Day desserts because they look cute and come with attractive toppings. Our Valentine’s special cupcakes include our red velvet cupcake, chocolate cupcake, chocolate & hazelnut cupcake and vanilla & strawberry cupcake.
The red velvet cupcake is made with a cocoa and buttermilk sponge and piped with our signature lemon cream cheese frosting; our chocolate cupcake and chocolate & hazelnut cupcakes are made of moist chocolate sponge but have toppings of chocolate buttercream and hazelnut praline frosting respectively.
Our vanilla & strawberry cupcakes are made with a soft vanilla sponge and piped with our strawberry buttercream frosting. All these cupcakes feature symbols of love like hearts and flowers. You can also gift our Valentine's special cupcakes box which comes with one of each cupcake.

Theobroma’s almond rocks

Our attractively-packed boxes of almond rocks are perfect to woo and wow your loved one. They come filled with our chunky almond rocks, which are toasted almonds coated in pure dark chocolate. The crunchy, nutty almonds pair well with the sweet chocolate and treat your tastebuds to an interesting mix of flavours and textures. You can choose between a 500-gram box and a 250-gram one.

Red velvet cake

Red is the colour of love and Theobroma’s red velvet cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day. This gorgeous red cake is made by layering a cocoa and buttermilk sponge with our signature cream cheese and lime juice frosting.
Order these delectable Valentine’s desserts online and enjoy a memorable Valentine’s Day!