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All You Need to Know About Ganache

In the wonderful world of desserts, ganache is the epitome of yumminess and decadence. A simple mixture of chocolate and cream, ganache is the ingredient that makes all chocolate desserts taste richer and more luscious. Theobroma offers an array of delicious baked goods and desserts made with rich chocolate ganache. Read on to learn more about this magical ingredient and how it is used.

What is ganache?

Simply put, ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream in equal parts by weight. The ingredients are heated together and then stirred until smooth and silky. This delectable concoction is incredibly versatile and has a variety of uses in the pastry world. From truffles and tarts to frosting and cake fillings, you can find ganache in a variety of Theobroma’s desserts.

What are the types of ganache?

There are three main types of ganache to choose from:

Milk chocolate ganache:

Milk chocolate is usually the most popular choice for ganache because of its sweet and well-rounded flavour. It can be used to make truffles, cakes and can even be used as a glaze.

Dark chocolate ganache:

Dark chocolate is used to give ganache that bitter edge and sophisticated chocolate flavour. If you are looking to give dark chocolate ganache a try, don’t miss Theo’s Dutch truffle cake, which comes in egg and eggless versions. Rich chocolate truffle ganache is layered over a moist chocolate sponge to create a chocolate cake that’s absolutely irresistible.

White chocolate ganache:

White chocolate has a mellow sweetness which makes it a medium for trying out additional fun flavours. The white colour can also easily be changed with edible natural dyes and food colouring. This can give bakers a lot of room for experimentation and creativity with white chocolate ganache desserts.

What is ganache filling?

Ganache filling is a thickened version of ganache that is used in between layers of cakes, or even inside doughnuts and other chocolate desserts. There is usually more chocolate than cream in ganache filling, which gives it a thick and creamy texture. This thickness is what helps hold all the layers of cake together and give it a denser mouthfeel. At Theobroma, we use pure couverture chocolate to make our ganache and that’s why it’s the best out there!
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