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5 Different Ways to Have Crackers

Crackers are more wholesome than biscuits and just as flavourful. But if you’re tired of eating them as is, we’re here to show you how to spice up these crunchy bites and turn them into cracking snacks! Read on to know the different ways to have crackers.

Cracker toppings

This is the easiest way to up the flavour quotient of your cracker. All you need to do is layer on creative cracker toppings and voila! your flavoursome snack is ready to eat. Some great cracker toppings include tomato-avocado, cheese and pear/apple slices, and nut butters with fresh fruit. Add shredded chicken or cured meet for more filling cracker toppings.

Cheese platter

Apart from cracker toppings, you can also pair your crackers with different types of cheese. The best way to do this is by making crackers part of your cheese board. Add different varieties of cheese like parmesan, gouda, brie, feta; cheese dips, sauces and spreads; cured meats, raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. Most importantly, add stacks of different types of crackers to enjoy with the cheese.

Crackers with salads

Crackers pair well with salads as they add crunch to it and balance out the flavours. Make a quick chicken and crackers salad by mixing crushed crackers, cooked shredded chicken, shredded lettuce, diced onions, capsicum, tomatoes and sliced black olives in a bowl. Grate in some cheese and mix all the ingredients together. Garnish with pepper and salt.

Crackers and dips

Along with cracker toppings, crackers and dips make for great party snacks. Whip up a simple, flavourful dip by mashing ripe avocadoes with crushed garlic. Garnish with salt and pepper. You could also combine Greek yogurt with shredded boiled beetroot to make a tasty, health dip. If you want a sweet dip, combine peanut butter with vanilla yogurt and serve with crackers and fresh fruit.

Soups and crackers

This is truly a match made in heaven. The salty crunch of a cracker goes really well with a savoury, velvety smooth soup. Soups that pair well with crackers include French onion soup, cream of mushroom soup and tomato soup. You can either eat the cracker between spoonfuls of soup or you can crush the cracker in your soup and consume.
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