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Different Types of Cupcakes

Cupcakes for every mood

Nothing is quite as delightful and exciting as a cupcake, it? This bite-size dessert is a favourite all over the globe and is available in a multitude of flavour combinations. All the different varieties of cupcakes out there do have one thing in common – they are always adorned with decorative frosting and other exciting edible elements. Cupcakes are the perfect pick-me-up on a dull day, or a great birthday gift for a friend or a loved one as well. Theobroma too offers a wide range of cupcakes on our menu, suitable for solitary indulgence or even a dinner party. From classic flavours to mouth-watering cupcake concoctions, you can satisfy your dessert cravings with our cupcakes.

Want to know all the different types of cupcakes you can enjoy? Read on to check out our exclusive list -



    Different types of cupcake flavours 

    Vanilla: Many might think of the humble vanilla cupcake as a cliché pick, but we’re here to tell you that this flavour forms the base for almost every other flavour of cupcake out there. Vanilla is among the most expensive ingredients out there because growing and harvesting it is a labour-intensive process. But that has not stopped vanilla from being the most popular ingredient when it comes to baking, and even perfume production and aromatherapy. Cupcakes made with premium vanilla have an extraordinary floral and delicious flavour, which are always a super hit in any crowd. Vanilla cupcakes pair with other flavours like chocolate and fruit as well. At Theobroma, we have paired this flavour with blueberries to create our delicious Vanilla and Blueberry cupcake. The tartness of the berries makes the sweet vanilla flavour stand out even more, and the two flavours come together to create a flavour bomb in your mouth.

    Lemon: If you like cupcakes that have a zing of freshness, a lemon cupcake will do you good. Usually, a lemon cupcake is made with a vanilla cupcake base, that has some lemon zest or juice in it for that tangy flavour. But if you prefer something more opulent, you can even find lemon meringue or lemon curd cupcakes that are absolutely delicious and fun to eat as well. The citrus flavour of the lemon pairs beautifully with the sweetness of the vanilla. A lemon cupcake is delicious any time of day, but are best enjoyed on a hot day with loved ones.

    Peanut Butter: What has always been a staple flavouring agent in baking has now become a sensation in the world of cupcakes. Peanut butter cupcakes are extremely popular everywhere because they are the right balance of sweet and savoury. Peanuts have a prominent nutty flavour and scent that permeates through the entire cupcake, which is why this dessert is considered a favourite by many. This cupcake is also very versatile, meaning that you can adorn them with many different kinds of frosting like cream cheese or buttercream. Peanut butter also plays well with chocolate, and this is a popular cupcake combination.


    Blueberry: For a bit of a fruity kick, you can opt for a blueberry cupcake that has stunning blue icing and decorations on it. An extension of the humble blueberry muffin, blueberry cupcakes offer a fruity and refreshing flavour to anyone who eats them. The tartness of the blueberry pairs beautifully with sweeter flavours like vanilla, making them a match made in heaven. If you want a taste of blueberry cupcakes, check out Theobroma’s yummy Vanilla and Blueberry Cupcake. Our soft and moreish vanilla sponge cupcake is piped with mouth-watering blueberry jam buttercream. With a surprise filling inside too, this cupcake is bound to make you smile.

    Chocolate: This is another classic cupcake flavour that is loved and adored all over the world. One of the reasons chocolate is so popular in cakes and cupcakes is that it is delicious on its own, or paired with different flavours like fruits, nuts, or even vanilla. Chocolate and chilli also pair well together, which can make for an interesting cupcake flavour. You can find many different types of chocolate cupcakes out there, be it a dark chocolate cupcake with a creamy frosting, or a chocolate cupcake with fruit like strawberries or cherries, or even Theobroma’s bestselling Chocolate and Hazelnut cupcake. Our chocolate sponge is filled and slathered with hazelnut buttercream that we make in-house. The nutty flavour complements the chocolate beautifully, making for an indulgent and exciting treat. For a more timeless option, you can also check out our Classic Chocolate cupcake.

    Red velvet: Red velvet is all the rage right now, be it in delicious desserts, ice cream, or even cupcakes. The signature red colour of this cupcake makes it a treat for the tastebuds and the eyes, which is what makes it a favourite globallty. Red velvet cupcakes are like little bundles of vibrantly coloured joy, adorned with decadent creamy white frosting. They are the perfect pick for a special occasion like an anniversary or a birthday, or even for corporate events and trainings. Theobroma’s chefs have put a little twist on the traditional red velvet cupcake with out signature lime and cream cheese frosting. Red velvet and cream cheese can be too sweet for some people, and the lime adds a hint of tartness and freshness to cut through the richness. 

    Coffee: A relatively new cupcake flavour on the block is the coffee cupcake. Coffee is already an extremely popular ingredient in cooking and baking because of its delicious aroma and ability to play well with other flavours. Coffee and vanilla or chocolate are a match made in heaven and can often be seen together in desserts like cupcakes. You can find a myriad of coffee laden items out there now, be it tiramisu, coffee ice cream or coffee puddings and cakes. This versatile ingredient is also great in savoury applications, adding a bitter and fruity hit to anything it touches. Coffee cupcakes are slowly gaining popularity, and are a great little pick-me-up after work or for a special occasion.