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Most popular cake flavours around the world

The only thing better than a slice of cake is two slices of cake. Cakes are constantly changing around the globe, with bakers experimenting with cake flavours, designs, decorations, shapes and textures. While we all have our personal favourites when it comes to cakes, one factor unites us all – we all love cakes, no matter our age! There are some popular cake flavours that have stood the test of time and have emerged as favourites. If you’ve not tried them yet, we suggest you put on your tasting cap and try them now. A little experimentation never hurt anyone.



Chocolate is often touted to be one of the best cake flavours. It’s almost impossible to resist a slice of gooey, moist chocolate cake. These cakes are made with chocolate sponge, layered with chocolate ganache or mousse, or topped with truffle frosting. Chocolate cakes have the amazing ability to be decadent and sinful while being simple at the same time.
Theobroma’s very own opium cake is a must-have too. This mousse-based cake is made by layering dark chocolate sponge with creamy chocolate mousse and is topped with chocolate curls. It is an absolute delight to taste and is a very popular cake flavour among customers.
Another well-liked cake is the Dutch Truffle, which is a light, fluffy sponge cake layered with chocolate truffle ganache. This cake has just the right amount of sweetness and offers chocolate lovers everything they hope to enjoy in a chocolate cake – a moist chocolate sponge, rich truffle ganache and lots of layers!
If variety is what you’re looking for in a chocolate cake, opt for one that combines dark, milk and white chocolate. Our Chocoholic cake is layered with dark, white and milk chocolate mousse so that you get to taste all three varieties of chocolate in every bite. 


While fruit cakes might not be as popular as its chocolate twin, they surely have a dedicated base of ardent supporters. Lovers of fruit cake will swear that nothing compares to biting into a fluffy sponge cake layered with soft whipped cream and lots of delicious fresh fruits. You’ll find all types of berries on these cakes as well as seasonal additions like mangoes, kiwis, and of course, pineapples. While this tropical fruit might not be welcomed on pizzas, it is surely embraced on cakes. Pair a fresh, sweet and slightly tangy pineapple with some fresh cream and voila! you get a perennial favourite. Theobroma’s fresh cream pineapple cake combines a classic vanilla sponge with a special pineapple compote and fresh cream to delight your taste buds.

Red velvet

This cake is a treat to the eyes and the taste buds. Red velvet cakes are known for their trademark bright red colour. At Theobroma, we combine cocoa and buttermilk sponge with a delectable cream cheese and lime juice frosting to create a red velvet cake that offers an explosion of flavour. Lovers of this cake flavour can enjoy it on any day, and even those who aren’t exactly fans of red velvet cake will put their favourites aside to opt for this red-hued wonder on Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary. Nothing says love like the colour red, right?


The word itself has two of our favourite foods - cheese and cake. So, it isn’t surprising that this cake flavour is an absolute treat to eat. The signature New York Cheesecake is a very popular cake flavour and is made of cream cheese with a buttery biscuit base. Theobroma’s New York style baked cheese cake has an additional twist – we top the cake with a layer of homemade merengue which is then toasted to perfection.


Butterscotch is a delightful cake flavour. Once you have a bite of this cake, there’s no going back. The cake is made with brown sugar and butter as the primary ingredients and is often combined with pralines, or some dark chocolate curls; but the end result is nothing short of fantastic! If you’re looking for a sweet cake with a mild crunch and a definite buttery flavour, this should be your go-to cake.

At Theobroma, you can pick a range of popular cake flavours from our signature collection.
We strongly believe that it is possible to both, have your cake, and eat it too so we go to great lengths to give you quality cakes that are phenomenal to look at, and taste.