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Top 10+ Rakhi Gifts for sisters Under Rs.1000

Guide to Top 10 Budget Friendly Rakhi Gifts for Sisters

A second mother, a friend, a confidante, a guide - your sister wears many hats. Despite all the silly squabbling and gentle teasing, you know the bond between the two of you is resilient and can weather all of life’s ups and downs. You may not be able to show her your appreciation sometimes,but the festival of Raksha Bandhan and gives you a chance to show her that she has your support and protection whenever she needs it. It’s also an opportunity for you to thank her for all she does for you by getting her a present that she will love. Whether you have got financial constraints or a bunch of sisters to buy presents for, sometimes you need to stick to a budget. If you’re worried about finding the best rahki gift for your sister under Rs 1000, then our handy guide will help you get started.

Top 10 Best Rakhi Gifts for Sisters Under Rs 1000

Trying to find the best rakhi gift for your sisters without putting too significant a dent in your bank account? Here are a few ideas that’ll help you find the best gift for your sister on Raksha Bandhan:

Sweet Treats:

While it’s often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, dessert is a close second. If you’re working with a budget, then getting your sister something sweet and decadent is a sure shot hit. The festive season is the perfect time to find boxes of candy and chocolate at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a fancier present, then you can’t go wrong with the delicious desserts from Theobroma. Our box of assorted brownies lets you try a bunch of signature flavours, including walnut, choco-chip, cookie, etc., without burning a hole in your pocket. If your sister is a cake lover, you can get her our box of assorted pastries and let her indulge in classic flavours like Dutch Truffle, Red Velvet, and much more. Shop at Theobroma and gift your sister a present that represents the sweetness of your relationship.


If your sister is fond of jewellery, then you know exactly what to get her this Raksha Bandhan. Today, you can find all kinds of accessories such as earrings, rings, anklets, and necklaces at reasonable prices. Simply visit an e-commerce website and set the price range as per your budget. You can even hit up local markets to find great pieces in a variety of styles, from minimal and classic to intricate ethnic jewellery. A pack of hoop earrings, jhumkas, dainty rings, or stackable bracelets are rakhi gifts that fall well within your budget. Accessories are a great rakhi gift option especially if you have many sisters who tie you rakhi.

Skincare Kit:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that skincare is all the rage right now. Whetheryour sister is already a skincare expert of sorts or wants to begin taking care of herself, getting her a few essentials is a thoughtful rakhi gift idea. Purchasing individual skincare items might become a costly affair, so consider getting her a readymade kit with travel size products like a moisturiser, face wash, scrub, serums, etc. Not only will this save you the hassle, but you’ll be able to get high-quality brand-name products at a fraction of the price. Not to mention, encouraging your sister to take care of herself is priceless.

Grooming Kit:

Does your brother take pride in his glorious facial hair? If so, you can get him a beard and moustache grooming kit! Packed with shaping wax, oils, and growth serums, this box is just what he needs to keep rocking his facial hair in all its glory! Purchasing all these grooming products individually might take up too much of your time and cost you a fortune. However, purchasing a readymade kit is quick and costs a fraction of the price. And giving your brother the gift of self-care? Priceless!

Tea/Coffee Essentials:

Do you see your brother sipping on multiple cups of chai in the morning or some chamomile tea before sleeping? Does your brother refuel during the day by drinking copious amounts of coffee? If he enjoys a variety of teas to pick from, you can get him a box of assorted flavours. From oolong and grey earl to chamomile and peppermint, you can get your brother different flavours for his many moods. Similarly, you can also get him a coffee-making kit so he can whip up the perfect brew to start his day off right. Whether he prefers cold brews, a French press, espressos, or mocha, you can curate a handful of grinds as per his liking.


It is often said that when words fail, music speaks. Is your brother an avid music lover, always in charge of the playlist and blasting songs whenever he can? Or do you think he could benefit from taking some time to listen to a few songs and unwind? One of the best things you could gift your brothers this rakhi is a pair of quality earphones or headphones. You can easily find a range of earphones under Rs 1000. Pick a style and colour that would suit his personality and give him something he will use daily.


Do you know what else is a must while drinking a comforting cup of coffee or tea? A sturdy, spacious, and stylish mug! A mug is something that always comes in handy, if not today, then tomorrow. And mugs serve as excellent presents since most people tend to use them daily. Wouldn’t you like it if your brother remembered you every day while sipping on his cup of chai or coffee? If so, then the mugs at Theobroma fit the bill to a T. Made using elegant bone China, the mugs have a wide bottom and open mouth, creating enough room for a large pour of coffee or tea. And with our signature whimsical artwork, they are a treat for sore eyes.


In our fast-paced lives, we don’t get the chance to explore and express our innermost feelings. Often, these emotions are a gateway to understanding yourself and finding creative inspiration. One of the best ways of getting in touch with your feelings is through journaling. This rakhi, give your sister the gift of an emotionally healthy life by getting her a journal. If you’re looking for aesthetic and affordable journals, then at Theobroma we’ve got you covered. Our handbound journal is sturdy and has sections for to-do lists, affirmations, and doodles. If your sister would prefer something more travel-friendly, our compact spiralbound journal is just perfect. With playful and whimsical artwork gracing the covers, our journals will help your sister find clarity and mental peace.

Streaming Subscription:

In the era of streaming, you need one subscription or another to watch shows, movies, or listen to music. Paying for myriad subscriptions can become a costly affair. And if you switch to a free plan, you are inundated with advertisements that interrupt your experience. If your brother is struggling to pay for multiple streaming subscriptions, then rakhi is your chance to reduce his burden! Get him a subscription plan for his favourite streaming service and watch his face light up. A lot of homegrown streaming services offer annual plans that easily fit within your budget. You could also get him a one or three-month subscription plan for international streaming services. If you are stuck and cannot think of anything specific to get your brother, then a subscription plan is a safe bet.

Memorable Experiences:

Often, what we truly yearn for in life is a fresh experience that will linger in our memories for years to come. If your brother is not particularly drawn to material possessions, consider gifting him an experience he will relish. Explore thrilling events in and around your city and select something tailored to his interests. From plays, stand-up comedy shows, and art exhibitions to food festivals, a plethora of options abound. Tickets for such occasions are reasonably priced, allowing you to easily find something that aligns with your budget. If feasible,acquire an additional ticket and transform it into an adventure you both can relish together.

Tote Bag:

One of the best ways to stay environmentally conscious is to avoid single-plastic items. So, why not help your brother be a better earthling by gifting him a tote bag? Tote bags are usually made from lightweight fabrics and can be reused multiple times. Whether your brother is a student and needs a bag to carry books or is a working professional and requires a tiffin bag, tote bags can come in handy for it all. If you are looking for a stylish yet affordable tote bag for your brothers, then Theobroma has you covered. In soothing pastel colours, they work perfectly with a range of outfits. Spacious enough to hold a bunch of things, your brother can use it for a variety of purposes. Get your brother one of our tote bags as a rakhi gift and help him be his best eco-friendly self!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

What should I give my brother on rakhi?
You can get your brother rakhi gifts like gadgets, self-care items, sports gear, or desserts like an assorted box of cookies or chocolates.

How can I surprise my brother on rakhi?
Surprise your brother on rakhi by getting him something he is wanted but has resisted purchasing.Sweeten the deal by also gifting him a box of premium chocolates from Theobroma.

Do brothers get gifts on rakhi?
Although traditionally a brother gives his sister a present on Raksha Bandhan, with changing times, both siblings tend to swap rakhi gifts to commemorate their bond.

What is the importance of Raksha Bandhan for brothers?
Raksha Bandhan solidifies the bond between a brother and sister with the former making a promise to protect and look after the latter.