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What is a Croissant and its Various Types

Croissant, pronounced khru-ah-son, is a type of puff pastry that’s light, buttery and flaky. It derives its name from its shape, as croissant means crescent in French. Though this flaky pastry is often associated with France, and is a staple in most French boulangeries (bakeries), food historians place its origins in Austria and believe that it was introduced to France in the 19th century by two Austrian bakers.

What is a croissant made of?

A croissant is typically made of yeast-risen dough. The dough is first layered with butter and then rolled. It is folded many times in a process called lamination. Then the dough is cut into triangles, rolled to form a crescent shape and baked. The lamination process gives croissants its flaky texture and fluffy shape.
We all love options, and when it comes to croissants, there are many types to choose from. Let’s take a look at the various types of croissants available.

Croissant au beurre

This variant of the flaky pastry is delicious, as it is made with lots of butter. With every bite, your taste buds are treated to the salty, flavoursome taste of butter. Theobroma’s butter croissant is crescent shaped and made up of over 70 layers of flaky pastry. It pairs well with tea and coffee so add this to your breakfast menu or enjoy it as a teatime snack.

Pain au chocolat

This type of croissant has the goodness of two tasty ingredients - butter and chocolate. The croissant is made by folding bars of chocolate into the buttery dough and then baking it. Theobroma’s pain au chocolat is made by folding pure couverture chocolate between Danish pastry dough.

Croissant aux amandes

Also known as almond croissants, they are made with a filling of almond cream and garnished with sliced almonds. The croissants are then re-baked till they attain a crispy texture.

Pain aux raisins

This type of croissant comes with raisins or a filling of custard or almond cream. It is a sweet, flaky pastry that can be enjoyed as is, or with a warm beverage like tea or coffee. Because of the various fillings, it makes for a satisfying snack.

Croissant ordinaries

This is an ordinary croissant and can be made with margarine instead of butter. It is usually crescent-shaped, but lacks the buttery flavour of a croissant au beurre. This type of croissant can be enjoyed for breakfast and can even be made into a sandwich by slicing it in half and adding your favourite sandwich fillings.
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