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Delicious desserts for Holi party

Holi is the festival of colour and you can make your Holi celebrations all the more fun by making our colourful desserts part of your party! Theobroma’s Holi special sweets will add colour to your table spread, and satiate your sweet tooth. You could also gift our Holi desserts to friends and family and spread festive cheer.

Here’s our list of top Theobroma sweets for Holi:

Assorted macarons

Instead of traditional sweets for Holi, try our tasty and colourful Holi macarons. Each box contains 6 macarons in different flavours. This includes chocolate & orange, dark chocolate & rum, green mango & chilli, pineapple & coconut, raspberry & rose, gianduja & Nutella. Pass these macarons around after a meal or send them as gifts to loved ones.

Theobroma cupcakes

Add a pop of colour to the meal table with our cute and colourful cupcakes. Each of them comes with a delicious frosting, in a colour that matches the flavour of the cupcake. Our chocolate cupcake has a silky-smooth chocolate buttercream frosting, while our red velvet cupcake features a delicious cream cheese and lime juice frosting. Our vanilla & blueberry cupcake comes with a blueberry jam buttercream frosting that looks and tastes great.

Assorted pastries

Another great way to add a dash of colour to your dessert menu is by introducing our pastries. For some gorgeous red, add our red velvet pastry. Our fresh cream pineapple pastry is perfect for adding a pop of yellow. This pastry has a vanilla sponge that’s layered with fresh dairy cream and our homemade pineapple compote.
Our chocoholic pastry is also quite colourful as it is layered with dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse. Three colours in a single pastry!
For some gorgeous deep browns, you can add any of our chocolate pastries like devil’s mousse pastry, Theo’s Dutch truffle pastry or our Opium pastry. Made of pure couverture chocolate, these pastries offer a rich chocolate taste.

Tasty tarts

Our zesty lemon tart will brighten up your dinner table. It has a golden-brown butter pastry shell that is filled with a rich and creamy lemon curd and garnished with a bit of white chocolate. Our banoffee high com combines colours, flavours and textures. A butter pastry tart is layered with fresh banana slices and homemade caramel sauce to make this dessert. It’s then covered with a light dairy cream and topped with homemade banana cake croutons!
Order our Holi desserts online and have a rocking Holi!