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Explore the Variety of Delicious Eggless Cakes

Looking for Cakes Without Egg? Here are A Few Delectable Flavours You Must Try

Is there anything that beats the unbridled joy of cutting into a delectable cake to bring in the birthday of a loved one? Is there anything more enjoyable that digging into a scrumptious cake after a long tiring day just because you wanted to? Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply improving an ordinary day in your life, a delicious cake will only make the moment sweeter. But what happens if you’ve got dietary restrictions and cannot eat egg? If you’re worried that you’ll miss out on exciting cake flavours because you avoid egg, then fret not! Today, you can find a host of eggless cake flavours that are as good as their egg-based counterparts. From traditional classics to modern takes, you can eggless cake flavours that will satiate your palette and your soul.

Eggless Cake Flavours That are a Must Try

If eggless cake flavours are what you’ve been looking for, then the ones listed below are sure to impress you and anyone you share your sweet treat with:
  • Chocolate Cake

Let’s be honest, a list of the best eggless cakes would be incomplete without a mention of the classic chocolate cake. Ooey-gooey, warm, and decadent as can be, sometimes the answer to all of life’s problems is a slice of chocolate cake. And while you might think that a chocolate cake without egg might not taste as scrumptious, you’re highly mistaken. With vegan and vegetarian diets becoming more and more popular, you can find various iterations of an eggless chocolate cake that will hit just the right spot.

If you’re looking for eggless chocolate cakes that never miss, then at Theobroma we have you covered. Not only do we have chocolate cakes without egg, but we have various options for you to choose from. For starters, you can go with our signature Eggless Dutch Truffle Cake comprising a super-moist sponge layered with rich and creamy chocolate truffle ganache. Topped with rice crisps for a bite of crunch, the cake will instantly transport you to your childhood. If you’re looking for a more complex flavour profile, then you can try our Eggless After Nine cake. Our take on the classic after eight flavour combination, this sinful cake consists of a light and airy dark chocolate sponge topped with mint-laced white chocolate Chantilly cream along with decadent dark chocolate mousse.


  • Fruit Cake

There’s no denying that a cake is an indulgence few can resist. However, sometimes you need to balance the decadence of a cake with something fresh and healthy. Whether you want your children to get their quota of fruits while they enjoy a sweet treat or need to keep the health of senior citizens in mind, a fruit cake can do it all. And if you’re simply a fan of the tartness of fresh fruits cutting through the richness of frosting, then a fruit cake is definitely the right choice for you. And the proverbial cherry on top? You can easily find fruit cakes without egg to ensure that your dietary restrictions are met with.

If you’re looking for a mouthwatering eggless fruit cake, then at Theobroma we have just what you need. Our signature Eggless Fresh Cream Pineapple Cake, featuring a soft vanilla sponge topped with fresh and airy dairy cream will have you drooling. Our homemade pineapple compote brings a tart freshness to the cake with silvered almonds adding a festive flair. With well-rounded flavours and looks to match, this eggless fruitcake will let you enjoy the tropics no matter where you are.

  • Red Velvet Cake

If you’ve got a flair for the dramatic, but don’t want to compromise on taste, then a red velvet cake allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds and how! Featuring a bold, vibrant, unforgettable red hue, the cake is sure to get your party guests talking. And if you’re celebrating an anniversary or a milestone birthday, it’ll imbue the moment with buzzing energy that’ll make it even more special. Tasting like a classic chocolate cake, its flavours are as remarkable as its looks. Now you can get red velvet cakes without egg and make sure you don’t miss out on this newer flavour regardless of your dietary restrictions.

At Theobroma we make sure you get to enjoy the best eggless cake flavours and offer an Eggless Red Velvet Cake that will have you going back for more. A treat for sore eyes and your palette, the cake is made by carefully layering moist cocoa and buttermilk sponge with our signature cream cheese frosting shot with tinges of lime juice. With tartness that cuts through the indulgent and rich frosting, this cake is balanced and beautiful to boot.

  • Mousse Cake

Light, fluffy, soft as a cloud, mousse is a French dessert that almost tempts you to lick your bowl clean. However, it can be tough to find eggless mousse, let alone mousse cakes without egg. However, now you can partake is the wholesome goodness of an airy mousse cake and add sweetness to your parties and gatherings. Whether you’re hosting a feast and need a lightweight dessert to end things on a sweet note or are looking for a birthday cake that sits easy on the palette, a mousse cake is your one-stop solution for it all.

To enjoy mousse cakes made without using any egg at all, you can head straight to Theobroma. If you’re a fan of the classics and want something chocolatey, our Eggless Opium Cake features decadent dark chocolate sponge layered with creamy and rich chocolate mousse. Topped with chocolate curls and surrounded with chocolate plaques, this cake is as beautiful to behold as it is delicious. For those who like their cakes a little fruity, our Eggless Chocolate Orange Mousse Cake, comprising moist dark chocolate sponge layered with equally rich dark chocolate mousse and our home-made fresh orange marmalade, is a treat for the taste buds.

  • Coffee Cake

Are you someone who can’t do without a cup, or ten, of coffee in morning? Do you find regular desserts a bit too cloyingly sweet and wish there was a way to temper the taste? If so, then coffee-flavoured cakes are here to the rescue. With the rich, aromatic, and slightly bitter taste of coffee cutting through otherwise rich and decadent frosting, coffee-based cakes allow you to enjoy a playful and nuanced medley of flavours. Whether enjoyed casually with a warm beverage on a mundane afternoon or featured as a centrepiece at a party, coffee cakes are sure to please coffee afficionados and newbies alike.

At Theobroma, we’ve created an eggless coffee-based cake that allows you to enjoy two fan-favourite flavours in one fell swoop. Our Eggless Coffee Caramel Cake is one for the ages and with good reason. Featuring a rich chocolate sponge that is generously layered with a creamy milk chocolate caramel and ganache whipped with premium coffee, this cake ticks all the boxes with aplomb. A little sweet, a little bitter, and a whole lot delicious, it’s a cake you cannot miss out on.

Partake in the Best Eggless Cake Flavours at Theobroma

If you’re looking to try the best eggless cake flavours around, then at Theobroma your wishes have been answered. Our sweet and savoury menu boasts of a vast selection of eggless items, including cakes of all kinds. All our cakes are prepared fresh using premium ingredients and original recipes. To enjoy our delectable desserts and charming ambience, walk into a Theobroma store near you. If you want to enjoy the goodness of our eggless cakes wherever you are, make use of our exemplary delivery service.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

What cakes do not contain eggs?

Most cake recipes call for eggs. If the eggs in these recipes can be substituted with a vegetarian ingredient, the cake is deemed to be an eggless cake.

Can you get egg free cakes?

Yes, today it is easier to source eggless cakes in a multitude of flavours. To find an array of traditional and modern eggless cakes, you can browse through the menu at Theobroma.

Are eggless cakes better?

Eggless cakes taste almost exactly like their egg-based counterparts.

Who eats egg free cake?

Usually, eggless cakes are preferred by those who have vegetarian or vegan diets or suffer from an egg-related allergy.