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Most popular bakery items in India

The minute you set foot in a bakery or cake shop, you’re greeted with the delicious aroma of cakes, brownies and breads. And while these pleasant aromas tickle your tastebuds, your eyes get to feast on a colourful spread of various confections. That’s why cakeshops and bakeries are special places, portals that can transport you to a heavenly world filled with baked delights and sugary-sweet treats. Whether you need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day or want to amp up the festivities on a special occasion, you can walk into a bakery and find sweet and savoury delights to satisfy your appetite and soul.Let’s take a look at goodies you just can’t resist in these houses of all of things baked and wonderful.


As Julia Child famously said, a party without cake is just a meeting. Cakes are one of the most popular bakery items around the world. Cakes make every occasion a little more special, and a lot sweeter.Cutting a cake has become a pleasant ritual to celebrate joy and happiness. Bringing in a loved one’s birthday? Surprise them with a cake in their favourite flavour and watch their eyes light up. Celebrating an anniversary with your partner? Share a cake to mark the momentous occasion. Made using original recipes and high-quality ingredients, the cakes at Theobroma are prepared fresh and with immense care and attention to detail.
At Theobroma, we realise that there’s a good reason why cakes are one of the most popular bakery items in India. So, no matter what event you’re celebrating, walk into our stores  and you’ll find a wide variety of premium cakes. Dutch truffle, red velvet, fresh pineapple, hazelnut praline, New York style baked cheesecake are just some of the cakes in our signature collection.
If you’re looking for variety, opting for a selection of pastries is a better way to go. Smaller in portion, these slices of cakes are an excellent choice if you’re celebrating with a large group with diverse tastes. Or maybe you’re just someone who likes a little bit of everything. Moist, fluffy and made with the finest ingredients, these mini versions of our cakes will surely elevate your mood and your day!


These little blocks of goodness are another popular bakery item. And when you think of brownies, you think of Theobroma. That’s because we changed the country’s brownie game with our signature gooey indulgences and our quirky flavour combinations.From classic flavours like choco chip and walnut to experimental options like cookie and coconut, our brownies will make a home in your heart. Brownies are one of our bestselling bakery items, and these heavenly creations are an instant mood-lifter. A great way to enjoy brownies is warm, and with a dollop of chilled vanilla ice cream. The best way to enjoy brownies, however, is alone, because who wants to share these chunky delights, right?


No bakery items list is complete without a mention of cupcakes. Do you crave a sweet fix after your meals? Or maybe you need a little bit of a sugar rush to get you through the day. Perfectly bite-sized and portioned for one, our cupcakes are soft, moist, and just sweet enough to satisfy you. In the mood for chocolate? Our ooey-gooey chocolate or chocolate hazelnut cupcakes will please you to no end. Want something colorful that delights the child within you? Our red velvet cupcake and vanilla and blueberry cupcake are fun, zesty, and as eye-catching as they are delectable. Whether you carefully choose a cupcake to enjoy by yourself or opt for our assorted box to share with loved ones, our cupcake selection can make even the most mundane day special.


The French have spoilt us and now we just can’t enjoy a morning coffee without a warm and crispy croissant to go with it. Croissants are irresistible because of their interesting mix of flavours. With every bite, you’re treated to the rich taste of butter, the earthy taste of wheat and the sweetness of chocolate or jam, depending on the filling. This flaky pastry is a hot-favourite of many and is definitely worth a try.

Cookies and crackers

We are a tea-drinking nation, and teatime is incomplete without the right snacks to go with your warm cup of chai. Cookies and crackers fit the bill quite well and that’s why they’re popular bakery items in India. At Theobroma, you can shop from a wide selection of cookies and crackers including sourdough crackers, chocolate chip cookies, butter palmier, almond biscotti and lots more!


When you think of a bakery snacks items list, one of the first things that pops into your mind is probably a roll. As Indians, most of us have fond memories of visiting traditional old-school bakeries and gorging on rolls of various kinds. Bringing back the nostalgic sentiment and wholesome taste, at Theobroma we offer rolls that’ll keep you full and how! Whether you’re feeling peckish in between meals or need a hearty snack, our rolls are perfect for it all.  

A classic soft bun stuffed with tender paneer and cheese, and expertly seasoned with mint and spices, our paneer junglee roll is a treat for your taste buds. Creamy, tangy, and packed with flavour, with shredded roasted chicken tossed in a mustardy mayonnaise, our chicken mayonnaise roll will have you drooling instantly. Whether you indulge in our rolls at our store or pack them up as a to-go lunch for work, you’ll be pleased with your choice!  

Puffs and Quiches 

Another classic bakery snack, puffs have been a staple for most Indians since they were children. Whether packed as a snack for picnics or to munch on during movies in a dark theatre, most of us have picked puffs to satisfy hunger pangs. Just because times have changed, doesn’t mean your taste needs to! At Theobroma we bring back nostalgic food memories with a modern twist.  

If you’re in the mood for a warm and hearty puff, then our paneer puff is the perfect buttery, spicy, and filling snack. Want to grab something that’ll tide you over at tea-time? Our flavourful chicken and cheese puff is the flaky and gooey accompaniment you’d been craving. If you want a fancier version of the puff, then the French quiche ticks all the boxes. Filled to the brim with cream custard and veggies or meat, our quiches will have you going ooh la la!  


It’s difficult to find a more versatile and universally pleasing snack than a sandwich, and with good reason! As a mid-day snack to go along perfectly with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee, or a light lunch paired with a refreshing salad, sandwiches are a go-to meal no matter the time of the day. At Theobroma, we’ve curated a choice of sandwiches that will please even the harshest critics.  

For the vegetarians in the house, we’ve got our classic creamy spinach, corn, and cheese sandwich. If you like a bit of a kick, then our cheese chilly sandwich is right up your alley. Want to enjoy the goodness of traditional Indian flavours in an easy-to-go sandwich? Our chicken tikka sandwich is everything you could’ve asked for. Indulge in the sublime flavours of Italy with our fresh caprese sandwich. From our hearty chicken, ham, and cheese sandwich to the filling roasted chicken and mustard sandwich, we offer myriad flavours for you to choose from, with premium fillings sandwiched between soft, moist, and fresh bread.  


We’re not talking about those dry slices of mass-produced white bread you find at your local grocery shop. Artisanal bakers and bakeries are serving up a variety of flavourful breads that are a lot tastier and healthier. From a crunchy to multigrain breads to wheat burger buns, you’ll find it all at Theobroma. It doesn’t matter who’s making the sandwich, as long as it’s made with good bread!

At Theobroma, we strive to cater to all palates and that’s why our menu includes a host of popular bakery items. Our baked goods are made with quality ingredients and with lots of love and care. So, if you’re craving something sweet and baked, head on over to satisfy your cravings. You’ll be delighted and not disappointed. That’s a Theo promise.

Updated on Jan 12, 2024