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Multigrain Bread vs Brown Bread. What’s the Difference?

With so many types of bread being available, it can get a little tricky to decide what to pick. In this short piece, we will be decoding the two types of bread we hear about often – Multigrain bread vs brown bread - and trace what sets them apart.

Multigrain bread vs brown bread

Let’s start by understanding what multigrain bread is all about. This variety of bread is made using a mixture of different grains, including barley, maize and wheat. The medley of grains gives this bread a delicious nutty flavour and chewy texture. Multigrain loaves differ from white bread in two significant ways: They are more nutritious and less crumbly. This is why multigrain bread makes for a great sandwich bread.
Now, let’s look at what brown bread is all about. Brown bread is called so because of its colour – the bread has a brownish tint and is thus, visibly different from white bread. This bread is brown is because it contains significant amounts of whole grain flour. This could be wheat or rye, with whole wheat flour being the more popular option in India. Whole wheat flour contains all three parts of a wheat kernel – the fibre-rich bran, the endosperm and the nutrient-rich germ. This makes brown bread a lot healthier than white bread, which is made of refined flour.

Difference between multigrain and brown bread

The first key difference between these two breads is the ingredients used to make them. Multigrain bread makes use of multiple grains, while brown bread is made from whole grain flour of a single type of grain. Another key difference is that though multigrain bread is made of multiple grains, none of them might be whole. Breads made of whole grain flour are healthier, rich in fibre and more nutritious, and hence, brown bread would be the healthier option here.<br>
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