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Popular Desserts to Kick of 2022 in Style

We always treat ourselves to something sweet before embarking on something important because sweets are thought to bring good luck. Let’s start the New Year too by gorging on all things sweet and wonderful. Theobroma’s decadent desserts bring you good luck and great taste! Add our desserts to your meals to give them a flourish of sugary fancy or enjoy them between meals if your sweet tooth so commands.
Here are some of our best desserts to try out:


These buttery pastry shells come with some interesting fillings. Our lemon tart has a rich and creamy lemon curd as its filling; the Theo’s chocolate tart is filled with our signature pure chocolate ganache and topped with rice crisps. Our Banoffee pie is another flavoursome fruity tart layered with banana slices, homemade caramel sauce, light dairy cream and banana cake croutons.


Our brownies are incredibly popular because of their great taste and flavour. Our brownie menu includes classics like the choco chip brownie, walnut brownie and overload brownie. If you’re entertaining many guests at home, opt for our assorted brownie box which comes with 6 or 12 pieces in egg and eggless variants.


Nothing says dessert like a slice of cake. Theobroma’s cake menu has a variety of chocolate cakes, like our chocoholic cake, which is a mousse-based cake and our Theo’s Dutch truffle cake, made of chocolate sponge and rich chocolate truffle ganache. We also have a fresh cream pineapple cake, red velvet cake, and our New York style baked cheesecake. You can also enjoy all these flavours in pastry form.
Our cupcakes make for cute desserts too. Try our chocolate and hazelnut cupcake or our vanilla and blueberry cupcake. Our red velvet cupcake is just as delicious.

Chocolate mousse

End your meal on a high note with Theo’s chocolate mousse cup. Our mousse is rich and intense and is made with pure dark chocolate and fresh dairy whipped cream. This eggless dessert tastes best cold, so remember to refrigerate it before serving.


Good-quality tiramisu makes for an unforgettable dessert. Wow your guests and your tastebuds with our tiramisu cup. It is made with a rich mascarpone custard, fresh whipped dairy cream, coffee-soaked sponge and some rum flavour.
Enjoy these popular desserts and kick-start the new year in style!