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Types of Cookies

Cookies make your day a whole lot better. These crunchy, sweet delights pair excellently with a warm cup of chai or some hot chocolate. But did you know that there are many different types of cookies available? Let’s look at some of the most common types of cookies and what they’re made of.

Biscotti cookies

These are Italian biscuits that are twice-baked. Additionally, pieces of nuts and dry fruits are added for extra nutrition and flavour. At Theobroma, we offer our signature Almond Biscotti. These cookies are double-baked to perfection and infused with fennel seeds for extra flavour. Our biscotti has subtle notes of orange for a fruity taste.

Chocolate chip cookies

Out of the different types of cookies available, chocolate chip cookies are the most well-known and loved. Theobroma’s Choco Chip Cookies are made with vanilla-flavoured cookie dough. Chunks of rich dark chocolate are added to the dough to infuse it with chocolatey goodness. We also offer Double Choco Chip cookies which are perfect for chocoholics. These cookies are made with chocolate cookie dough and chunks of pure dark chocolate. This gives the cookie a rich chocolate flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Butter palmiers

This variety of cookies is made using a generous amount of butter. Theobroma’s Pure Butter Palmiers (popularly known as “Elephant ears” or “Palm hearts” because of their unique shape) pair well with tea and coffee. Technically, these palmiers are puff pastries that are made with butter. They are crafted using a vigorous lamination process, giving each Palmier over 480 layers of pure buttery goodness!

Chocolate coated biscuits

This type of cookie is perfect for tea-time. It’s a crunchy biscuit that’s coated on all sides with milk and dark chocolate. With every bite, you get to enjoy a crunchy biscuit and a thick layer of pure chocolate! Theobroma’s Chocolate Coated Biscuits make for great festive gifts and are available round the year for you to enjoy and treat family and friends.

Butter cookies

These classic cookies are an all-time favourite and are perfect for those who prefer simpler flavours. Theobroma’s Butter Cookies are crispy vanilla cookies made from Almond flour. Along with having a rich buttery taste, they also have a delightful caramelised flavour, making it a perfect snack to go with tea.
Cookies make for great mid-evening snacks and even desserts. Enjoy them with ice cream or add them to a homemade desserts for extra crunch and flavour. Order Theobroma cookies online and get these crunchy delights home-delivered!
Updated on Jan 20, 2024