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Top 5 Picks for Evening Tea Time Snacks

What’s more important than your evening cup of chai? Snacks to go with it of course! Theobroma offers a range of tasty tea time snacks ranging from sweet cakes, savoury puffs, crunchy crackers and more filling sandwiches and rolls. Here is a list of some of our trending tea time snacks.

Tea Cakes

As the name suggests, these dainty cakes are the perfect complement to a cup of tea! Theobroma offers a wide variety of tea cakes to choose from, including the classic Pound Cake as well as others like Banana Cake and Mava Cake. You can also pick from our eggless options, from which we’d highly recommend Theo’s Eggless Dense Loaf.


If you prefer savoury over sweet tea time snacks, you can always opt for puffs. Theobroma’s Curried Veg Puff is a buttery puff pastry that’s stuffed with assorted veggies and a creamy curry sauce. We also have a Chicken & Cheese Pasty that’s filled with our classic bechamel sauce, roasted chicken, herbs and cheese.


Chai-biscuit is a nostalgic pairing, because it was part of most of our childhoods. Enjoy a fancier version of the biscuit with our Almond Biscotti. These are double baked Italian biscuits that are loaded with almond chunks and flavoured with fennel seeds and orange. Then there are our melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate Chip Cookies that are filled with pure dark chocolate chunks. Our Pure Butter Palmiers are hard to pass on too. These buttery puff pastries get rolled in caster sugar before being caramelised. They provide a substantial crunch that pairs superbly with some fresh tea.


For the days you want your tea time snack to be more of a mini-meal, sandwiches, wraps and rolls are your go-to options. Our Paneer Junglee Roll is made with a filling made of fresh paneer, chilli, cheese, and fresh herbs. For a protein-packed snack, you can also opt for our sumptuous Barbeque Chicken Sandwich, creamy Chicken Mayonnaise Roll or our tangy and spicy Chicken Masala Roll.


If you prefer to pair your evening chai with a low-calorie snack, opt for our Black Pepper Sourdough Crackers or our Nachni Crackers. The former is made with whole wheat flour, sourdough and black pepper, while the latter is a multi-grain cracker made with wheat flour, nachni (raagi) flour and enriched with honey, flax seed & sesame seeds.

Here’s a quick tea time snack recipe you can try using our crackers.
Recipe: Take a Theobroma cracker and apply hummus / pesto on it. Sprinkle halved cherry tomatoes and chunks of mozzarella cheese on top. Drizzle balsamic vinegar over the cheese and tomatoes and add a pinch of salt for an extra pop of flavour.
Your homemade cracker topping is ready. All you need to do is dig in!