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Types Of Sandwiches To Indulge In

Sandwiches are the ultimate meal if you are on the go. They are hearty and filling, and nutritious because they have all the important elements of a balanced diet like carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Sandwiches also make for a great mid-day snack between major meals. You can toast the bread for some crunch or enjoy its cloudy softness as is. There are many types of grilled sandwiches out there to sample and try making at home. You can even use up leftovers and make a scrumptious sandwich for breakfast, lunch, or a light dinner. Pair them with soups or have mini versions for tea – sandwiches are so ubiquitous because they can be casual or a major part of a formal evening. Theobroma offers a variety of sandwiches that you can enjoy as is or with our coffee that we brew in-house. Our meaty bestseller is the Roast Chicken & Mustard Sandwich, and we also offer different types of veg sandwiches with fillings like Spinach & Corn, and Roasted Vegetable & Cheese. You can enjoy them cold or grilled in a toaster oven. If you want to assemble your own sandwich at home, we recommend that you use our Wheat Bread Loaf, made with 70% wheat flour. There are different types of sandwiches that grace plates around the world. Here’s a look at different types of sandwiches you should know about:


Grilled cheese: You might have seen an American sitcom character biting into a toasted sandwich, made with crunchy white bread that’s been slathered with butter and toasted on a pan or griddle. As you bite into it, you get a taste of melted cheese in the middle. That’s all it takes to make an American grilled cheese. If you are feeling adventurous, you can bring your spin to it by adding vegetables, cured meat, and pickles. You can also go for artisan cheeses instead of a slice of processed cheese.  


Indian cuisine inspired sandwich: At Theobroma, we have tried to bring in the moreish flavours of Indian cuisine into our sandwiches. Check out our Chicken Tikka Sandwich, which is made on our bestselling multigrain bread with garlic mayo and roasted peppers. The succulent pieces of chicken are adorned with the savoury goodness and richness of a classic chicken tikka before being cooked to perfection and added to this sandwich.  


Smørrebrød: This Danish open-faced sandwich uses a dark rye bread base, that is topped with any type of cured meat, salmon or herring, cheese, eggs, and mayonnaise. Caviar and other types of seafood can also be used. This is no ordinary open-faced sandwich where the ingredients are thrown on a slice of bread haphazardly. For smørrebrød to be smørrebrød, rye bread is an integral element, followed by toppings that are native to Denmark.  


Veggie sandwich: The most consumed sandwich around the world is usually stuffed with fresh or roasted veggies. Be it dainty little cucumber finger sandwiches at high tea, or substantial sandwiches packed with vegetables, you can easily get a kick of health with veggie sandwiches. If you are looking for a nutritious and filling sandwich to take to work or even on a road trip, Theobroma’s Roasted Vegetable and Cheese Sandwich is the one for you. Our signature multigrain bread is layered with mouth wateringly delicious seasoned and roasted veggies, and topped with a homemade yoghurt spread, arugula, caramelised onions, and cheddar cheese. You can eat this sandwich as is, or heat it on a grill with butter.   


Chutney sandwich: Another Indian specialty, which is inspired by the British tea sandwiches. The essentials of this popular type of sandwich are - white bread with its crusts cut off, green chutney, thinly sliced tomato, or cucumber. The chutney adds a tangy vibrancy and the tomato or cucumber bring a freshness.  


Katsu sando: Katsu is basically a fillet of pork or chicken that is encrusted in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried to a crispy, golden perfection. The katsu is brushed with some sauce and then encased between two slices of shokupan (white milk bread), and delicately sliced cabbage. This Japanese sandwich is a stuff of dreams, and eating one is never enough.  


Kaya toast: This is a sweet sandwich, usually eaten for breakfast with runny eggs seasoned with soy sauce, in Singapore and Malaysia. Toasted bread is buttered generously, followed by a thick layer of kaya jam – a custard made with coconut, sugar, eggs, and flavoured with pandan leaves. This dance of sweet and savoury notes is a perfect wakeup call before you head out for work.  


BLT: Bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toasted bread with either mayonnaise or butter. What more do you need in a sandwich? The BLT is a delicious yet simple sandwich that takes little time to assemble and even less time to polish off. The acidity from sliced tomatoes complements the intense umami of the bacon. And there is no better vehicle for a sandwich than white bread. Or is it?  


Shawarma: When you picture a sandwich, a shawarma does not come to mind. But it’s nothing short of ingenious. The pita bread absorbs the juices of the protein – chicken, lamb, mutton, beef – and the juices of the salad, usually tabouleh. The wrap sandwich is drizzled with hummus or tahini, and sometimes even included pickled veggies  


Choripan: Chori stands for chorizo and pan means bread, typically a baguette or a local bread called pan batido. This sandwich is popular in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. The chorizo sausage, made with beef and pork, is cut in half, and grilled on a pan. Chimichurri, a sauce made with parsley, minced garlic, olive oil and oregano, is the most popular condiment that goes on a choripan. Choripan is usually a street snack.  


Banh Mi: Banh Mi is made with a baguette, which was brought to Vietnam by the French. However, the Vietnamse baguette is slightly different because its thinner, contains both wheat and rice flour, and is much more airier on the outside. Banh Mi fillings usually included some kind of grilled meat or liver pate, French butter, crisp radish or carrot, cucumbers, jalapenos, fresh mayonnaise, spicy Sriracha, and a salad of coriander and mint leaves. There is no one version of Banh Mi in Vietnam, but many different variations depending on the region you are in.