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French Baguette (1 pc)

₹ 100


Our French baguette is characterised by a crisp outer crust, chewy texture and a soft crumb. Perfect for sandwiches or as an accompaniment to a soup or salad, our baguette is also delicious when eaten warm with butter, jam or cheese. We bake them until they take on a deep caramel hue which further enhances the taste.

Consumption & Storage Guidelines -

• Store at room temperature. Please do not microwave.

• To heat, sprinkle generously with water & place in an Oven/OTG at 180 degrees for 7 to 8 minutes. Alternately, cut into thick slices with a bread knife, sprinkle with water and place in a pan (with lid) over a medium flame. Heat until the water evaporates,
turning occasionally.


Type Eggless
Weight/Units 140g


Flour, Salt, Water, Yeast
Allergens: Gluten, Soy