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Various Types of Bread for Sandwich

They say life is like a sandwich; the more you add to it, the better it becomes. Another way to make a great sandwich is by using the right type of bread. Bread not only holds the various fillings together, but it also enhances the taste and texture of the sandwich. By using a high-fibre bread for sandwiches, you can make your sandwich more filling.

Theobroma offers different types of bread for sandwiches. Let’s take a look at them.

Multigrain Loaf

Multigrain bread is made with different types of flour and Theobroma’s multigrain loaf offers you the goodness of 8 different types of flour. This includes jowar, ragi, soya, oats and whole wheat flour. The loaf’s upper crust is peppered with nutrient-rich seeds such as flax seeds, watermelon seeds, and sesame seeds. Every bite packs in crunch, flavour and nourishment.
Our multigrain loaf is perfect for making jam and butter sandwiches, or a more filling option like the bacon, avocado and tomato sandwich. To make this sandwich, combine mayonnaise and yellow mustard and apply it on two slices of our multigrain loaf. Place slices of tomato, avocado and fried bacon inside the sandwich. Toast the sandwich with butter and voila! Your sandwich is ready!

Wheat sourdough loaf

Our sourdough bread is mildly sour and chewy on the inside and deliciously crispy on the outside. When you break a Theobroma sourdough loaf, you’ll hear that pleasant ‘crack’ – a marker of good-quality sourdough bread. The Theobroma sourdough loaf is fermented using a natural starter and not commercial yeast. It is made using fibre-rich whole wheat flour, and is hence, great for your gut.
Our sourdough loaf is perfect for making all types of sandwiches. Or you could simply toast a slice of sourdough bread in butter and pair it with a delicious topping like sauteed mushrooms and parmesan or boiled egg and avocado. Sourdough bread is also perfect for making bruschetta.

Wheat bread loaf

Wheat bread is on everyone’s shopping list, and for good reason. Bread made from whole grains or whole wheat flour is better for your gut. Whole wheat flour contains all three parts of a wheat kernel – the fibre-rich bran, the endosperm and the nutrient-rich germ.
Our wheat bread loaf is made using 70% whole wheat flour, giving it a rich, nutty flavour. These soft slices of bread can be enjoyed toasted, grilled or as is. Their firm texture makes them the perfect bed for your sandwich fillings.
breadVariety is the spice of life, so don’t shy away from experimenting with different types of for sandwiches! .